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Facebook is a social network launched in February of 2004, was created by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, facebook has 600 million user at this moment, facebook was created for the students in Harvard university, after a year facebook was in many university like, Ivy League, Stanford, and Boston college. In this moment facebook is value by 41 billion dolars.

Facebook overs you many tools, like chating, games, walls, debate, opinion and discussion groups, also gives you the option to put your relationship status, religion, location, and the day you were born, also you can send inbox to  a person if you want to talk privately. You can follow a famous or a group that talk of a famous, (like Twitter).you can download videos pictures or programs.
 In facebook you can download pictures videos and showed to everyone, your friends can comment your pictures, videos.
in facebook you can put were are you from, your relathionship status, you religion, the day of your birthday, and politics beliefes.

But one Big problems tha Facebook has is that relathionships, because, you can have a big party last night and you kissed a girl and they took a picture of both of them kissing, your girlfriend get in to your profile and see that picture will end the relathionship, also if you know a girl yesterday and she is in love of you and post a love cart in your wall, your wife or girlfriends will think that you are cheating on her.

Facebook wins 700 million dollars in revenue (2009) in 2010 1.2 billion dollars, in 2011 will proximately win 4.0 billion dolars.
In facebook you can comment, pictures, videos, and comments that people leave.
Facebook main headquarter is located in Palo alto California thay have more than 2000 workers.. U.S. offices: Atlanta; Birmingham, Michigan; Chicago; Dallas; Detroit; New York; Venice Beach, Calif.; Washington, DC;
Austin International offices: Dublin; Hamburg; London; Madrid; Milan; Paris; Selangor; Stockholm; Sydney; Tokyo; Toronto.

Privacity and Security: Facebook give the power to their users to choose if they want that all the people see him or his information or keep it for itself, or showed to the friends that you have in facebook, also if someone write a dirty comment in a pictures of you or write a treating inbox you can sue him in special pages that facebook has facebook is prohibed in many countrys because their religion beliefes, facebook is permited for erson bigger than 13 years old, if you create facebook it will appear how old are you ( you must put your real age).

Technology: Has change our life drasticly in the past techonology wasnt so ussual, our parents used book, libaries, enciclopedias, and dewey decimal system, and they do all their homeworks writen by hand. They played hide and seek, lleva,they read, help in the kitchen, and more.

In this moment the impact of the techonology has being much bigger than all people thing, we use google, wikipedia, encarta, before for study with a friend you need to go wlaking to his house, know you chat with him in Messenger, Facebook, we sent Mails or Gmails, with the technology advanced we write our works in microsoft word, and make our life easily.
The technology is so advanced, that we can see T.V. in 3D or comercials offering the new inteliegent car ( Is so crazy).
With the technology advanced we do not need to print pictures, we can take it in our USB and showed in the computer of others, or posted in facebook, instead of buying a DVD you get in to HBO and the lates movies will appear, or instead of having a CD you buy a Ipod and download all your music there.
In: Conclusion the technology have make a big change in our daily life, ( can you imagine our life with out technology?) it makes our life easy, technology is now incorpored in our life in the, cellphone, T.V., computers, Internet, Facebook, Hotmails, Cars, can you imagine our life with out this products?.

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