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15 th april 2011 04/15/2011
Today I am very happy because BARCELONA F.C. pass to the Semi-final of the Uefa championship, winning 5-1 in Barcelona, and 1-0 in Kiev, the semi-final will be Real Madrid- Barcelona, i think that Barca will win the cu
Solo La Muerte 03/28/2011
Test 02/16/2011
Today is a terrible day for me, I fail 1 test and I got C in another test, I think that i need to improve if not my dad and mum will be very very furios with me.
What do you think about test?
How are your test going?
so wish me luck for my other tests because I need to past them
Google Traductor 02/16/2011
Today in ICT class i was playing with Google traducer and i find a lot of new words in different languages:
Hope you have a nice day=Sana güzel bir gün var umut in
I love you=Mahal kita
I like your blog=Podoba mi się twój blog
Visit my blog=apmeklēt manu blogu
So continue visit my blog and you will have a lot of fun and see new

The trate mark investigate the audience that they want to have and search, with who they like to hang out, where do they hang out in the weekends and in the normal days.
see what are thems do the audience like and do it, they can announce a candy with images, videos,promotion, it depends on the type of audience that they want to catch.
Also they need to search in the competition company and see waht campaing are they launching.
All the companies need to do:
Contact Plan
How many money do they have
Prezi 02/03/2011
Prezi  is a very complete program that gives you the option to present your work in a different way, organize your ideas however you want,outline main ideas or important facts. In Prezi you can zoom in or zoom out, you can write in different textures, you can put in videos or pictures, if you want to know more about pr

First, you need to have a lot of patience, because if the blog is wrong you need to do it again. Second, you need to  concentrate because if you are inspired and somebody talks to you, you lose the inspiration. Third, discuss with your friends what are you going to write in your post. Fourth look at home or at school and have ideas to write in your post. Fifth, you need to write something that can catch the audience's attention. Sixth, you do not know who is seeing this blog so give your best and show all your potential.

This is how i create a blog, How do you create yours'?